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KiNi World - the latest kids' centre in town

kids' centre for children, ball pit, interactive screen, arcade
KiNi World kids' centre

For a small town, Hội An offers a significant range of options for kids' centres of all ages, and KiNi World is the latest add-on to parents' long list of child-friendly places.

The centre has just launched this April 2023, so all the toys are brand new. The highlights for the kids are the ball-dropping machine and a ball cannon in the ball pit. Kids can put balls inside the machines, so they either shoot out or drop the balls back down onto the surprised, laughing kids underneath. These machines probably take inspiration from the kids' centre in Vincommall in the nearby Đà Nẵng city, but so far, they are the first in town.

The play area is divided into many small areas packed with different activities. There are also some arcades in a corner, with some basic games. The areas are pretty close to each other, so kids can easily switch and change between different activities.

As for parents, there is a three-page bilingual menu of reasonable choices for drinks and snacks. The menu even offers ice-creams. All visiting kids now get a free toy to bring home. Parents can enjoy chatting at the designated seating area at the front while the kids can freely play behind the closed glass door. That means the centre is more suitable for kids who can play with little to no adult supervision.

The entry price is very affordable, only 40,000 VND/kid with one accompanying parent and two coins for the arcade games. Drinks are around 20-25,000 VND range.

Pros: new toys, cool ball-shooting/dropping machines, separate areas for parents and kids so parents can spend some time for themselves, varied menu (than most other kids' centres in town) and affordable price.

Cons: can be a bit chaotic due to the need for clear areas for smaller and older kids. Adults best accompany smaller kids to avoid collisions with older kids as they run across the place.

KiNi World Khu Vui Chơi Trẻ Em Hội An

Address: 82B Tôn Đức Thắng street, Tân An ward, Hội An city.

Phone number: 090 592 1292.

Open hours: Mon-Fri : 4PM-10PM; Sat, Sun and holidays : 9AM- 10PM.

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