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Triêm Tây Gardens ecotourism destination - A story of achitecture, environment and culture.

ecotourism destination, village life, bamboo, fields

Triêm Tây Gardens come from a contemporary global effort to combine sustainable life with maintaining residential land against erosion.

Triêm Tây village, next to the Thu Bồn river, is a small residential area with only around 147 households. More than half of the village works in mattress weaving, the rest in agriculture. Thus, here you can find authentic traditional Vietnamese bamboo houses scattered along the river bank, learn about the local mattress-weaving craft and taste many homely local dishes in the village market.

But Triêm Tây's story is more than just a normal stroll-and-view tourist spot. Triêm Tây village is a first-hand survivor of the local's battle against natural disasters and man-made recklessness. The floods from 1999, 2000 to 2007 aggressively eroded the southwestern bank of the village, sinking homes and gardens of various families. Yet the illegal sand extraction in the Thu Bồn river downstream did not help the situation. As a result, nearly 150 households in the village faced the threat of losing homes and an evacuation decree.

All was changed thanks to the effort of the architect Bùi Kiến Quốc (Quoc Kien Bui in English. Fun fact, "Kiến Quốc" means "founding a nation" in Vietnamese. Can you find the link between his name and his current effort?). He is a Hoianian who lived and worked in southern France in the mid 1950s before moving back to Vietnam. The initial intention of building a local fisherman-style home next to Thu Bồn river to retire among his hometown's peacefulness has transformed into a beautiful ecotourism project to prevail against river erosion and annual floods while maintaining the local architecture. He preserves all the authentic village scenery from the ancestral altars, the village's well, shrines to pathways covered in lush bamboo shade. Since its foundation in 2010, the ecotourism destination has retained a home for many local villagers, equipping them with a working level of English and given them new livelihoods along with the process.

Ecotourism destination, village life, bamboo village, swimming pool

Since its inception, Triêm Tây Gardens has welcomed many groups of people from famous writers and directors, Australian and Scandinavian strudents and UNESCO researchers to environmental researchers from around the world. The place stood its ground through the global pandemic and is opening for staying guests now. During this 30/04-03/05 holiday, Triêm Tây Gardens ecological destination is open only for booked guests.

Details about Thiêm Tây village can be found in this local article from Thanh Niên newspaper.

Triêm Tây Gardens

Phone: 093 561 83 91

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